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Actual Answer was: took. Rahul Where is Rahul? It is raining outside. What do they do? Is the action finished? Hold on for a moment! Add it to our Feedback Forum. Does your job _______________? Image of poster for Avatar movie.

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My friends are working.Immerse students in stories that help them learn something new grammatically and culturally.

She has been waiting for you all day.

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You will have eaten Dal Chapati.

For example: when an action happened.

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Why do you _______________?

Do we marry our daughter?

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Who is your brother? Ann cleans her shoes. We like to swim. Is your mom German? My friend and his job. Do they sail by boat? Use Quizizz if you need to. Have you seen my car keys? Windows XP Basic Concepts Quiz! How should I go about this? My sister listens to her new CD. When should this game start?

Action performed during a period of time that is not yet finished: She has been to the cinema twice this week.

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It has also four types. Do we murder his father? Who do we need to call? Does it treat a problem? Why do you like him? Do they not drive? This makes a lot of sense. GRAMMAR IN CONTEXT activities. Must have for my Spanish class! May I watch the movie now? ESL Cafe All rights reserved. Does he murder his father?

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He really wants to go. Are you a doctor? Why not create one? Do you like curry? Do we smoke a cigarette? You were eating carrots. Max does not like watching tv. We prefer the green colour. The sun sets in the west. Please ask your students to join. Do I read a novel of RKL? Example: I often help her.

For more information about Active Directory, however, Already: these time adverbials are used in Present Perfect to refer to actions that have just completed.

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She is seeming sad.And for basic survival in English it is the one thing you need to know, tag standards, observe some useful patterns.

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We were eating carrots. Learn English and improve grammar, such as those that appear in the above paragraph, and occasionally asking random students some of these questions!

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Erin drives this car. This field is required. This is just shocking! Does he not drive? How do we form it? You had eaten Dal Chapati.

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