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When the judgment creditor records a judgment, it changes the nature of the debt from an unsecured debt to a secured debt.

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In order to enforce a foreign judgment, the judgment creditor was required to file and litigate in a Florida court a new and independent action.

The United States is satisfied, however, that the divestiture of assets described in the proposed Final Judgment will remedy the anticompetitive effects alleged in the Complaint, preserving competition for the development, manufacture, and sale of aluminum ABS in North America.

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Contact NumberLearn About Case ManagementThe Court may set aside the judgment for any of the reasons given above.

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The case also stands as a reminder to contract drafters of the importance of using precise language when jurisdiction clauses are included as a term of the agreement.

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Canadian court is satisfied that the foreign court properly assumed jurisdiction and granted judgment according to a reasonably fair process, the foreign judgment ought to be recognized and enforced in Canada.

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For this reason, the lender is the best source to explain what your credit score means in relation to the final credit decision.

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