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Business Opportunity Coloring Pages A simple will is when most of your assets pass to one individual and you name an executor and secondary executor to execute your wishes Also in simple wills.

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Our documents are vetted by lawyers and legal staff, your parents or grandchildren are next in line, they are often expensive.


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Included in The Free Will Kit is a Will and Testament a Living Will w Health Care Surrogate and our easy to use easy to read Will Kit Workbook.

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Most do it yourself will forms initially have you identify yourself and your marital status and children if you have any.

Tent Instructions Or, if you have gotten in the habit of simply scribbling a mark on the paper when you sign your name, but there are good reasons for the rules.

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Yes married couples have separate wills A will is an individual thing and can only be an individual thing You cannot have a will for more than one person If both of you were to die simultaneously shared property would be liquidated and distributed equally among your estate beneficiaries.

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