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Drinking Water Insurance Also, some owners may invest additional capital into the company to support operations, and their individual investment must be acknowledged and protected.

Slandering our brave men and women in blue. If you believe a rebranding will benefit your company for other reasons, then that also may require a name change. GSCCCA file numbers begin with a series of three digits corresponding to the county where the lien was filed.

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The amendment was introduced by Rep. Why Hire Georgia Registered Agent LLC? This would not be the case if you use a Registered Agent service, making a move or address change much simpler. They share your values like nobody shares your values.

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Hate to bore you with that expression. Click the link below for more details. The clerk may forward the notice to the newspaper to publish or that may be your responsibility: be sure to ask. Each one comes with additional incremental expenses and paperwork, meaning more is not necessarily better. Fort Benning, Fort Gordon and other Georgia military institutions will be the first on the chopping block.

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These changes can be made by filing Georgia Articles of Amendment.

Protect yourself and others around you. Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. The number of Directors may be changed by an amendment to the articles of incorporation or as permitted by law. Using email or regular mailing lists to send notices of the change is another way to inform your customers.


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The role of the registered agent was created to ensure that legal notices could be delivered reliably to businesses.

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This election is your chance to stand up to the corrupt Democrat machine, and show them that the American people are still in charge.

Well, I want to thank you very much. To vote in Georgia, one must be a citizen of the United States and a legal resident of his or her county. What state agency do you file an amendment with?


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Your authority to do business in the state may even be revoked.

Requirements Donate Now The name and address of each incorporator. EDI North DakotaLLC Formation Documents for the State of Georgia are called the Articles of Organization and the Transmittal Form.

Well, can you connect into the machines? This is about protecting the American dream. Before making changes to articles of incorporation, and before amending such articles, consult your attorney. Department will invoice the Company for the fee.


All UCCs filed in Georgia counties are reported to the statewide index, the GSCCCA.

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